Class SelectErrorWithChecks_F32<DI extends ImageGray<DI>>

All Implemented Interfaces:
DisparitySelect<float[],DI>, Compare_F32
Direct Known Subclasses:
SelectErrorSubpixel.F32_F32, SelectErrorWithChecks_F32.DispU8

public abstract class SelectErrorWithChecks_F32<DI extends ImageGray<DI>> extends SelectDisparityWithChecksWta<float[],DI> implements Compare_F32

Implementation of SelectDisparityWithChecksWta as a base class for arrays of type F32. Extend for different output image types.

  • Field Details

    • textureThreshold

      protected float textureThreshold
  • Constructor Details

    • SelectErrorWithChecks_F32

      protected SelectErrorWithChecks_F32(int maxError, int rightToLeftTolerance, double texture, Class<DI> disparityType)
    • SelectErrorWithChecks_F32

      protected SelectErrorWithChecks_F32(SelectErrorWithChecks_F32<DI> original)
  • Method Details

    • setTexture

      public void setTexture(double threshold)
      Specified by:
      setTexture in class SelectDisparityWithChecksWta<float[],DI extends ImageGray<DI>>
    • configure

      public void configure(DI imageDisparity, @Nullable @Nullable GrayF32 imageScore, int disparityMin, int disparityMax, int radiusX)
      Description copied from interface: DisparitySelect
      Specifies the output and algorithmic configuration.
      Specified by:
      configure in interface DisparitySelect<float[],DI extends ImageGray<DI>>
      configure in class SelectDisparityWithChecksWta<float[],DI extends ImageGray<DI>>
      imageDisparity - Output disparity image.
      imageScore - If not null, then the score for best fit disparity will be stored here.
      disparityMin - Minimum disparity that can be computed
      disparityMax - Maximum disparity that is calculated
      radiusX - Radius of the rectangular region being matched along x-axis.
    • process

      public void process(int row, float[] scores)
      Description copied from interface: DisparitySelect
      Processes the array of scores. The score format is described in DisparityBlockMatch. The results are written directly into the disparity image passed to it in DisparitySelect.configure(T, boofcv.struct.image.GrayF32, int, int, int).
      Specified by:
      process in interface DisparitySelect<float[],DI extends ImageGray<DI>>
      row - Image row the scores are from.
      scores - Array containing scores. (int[] or float[])
    • compare

      public int compare(float scoreA, float scoreB)
      Description copied from interface: Compare_F32
      • 1 = scoreA is better than scoreB
      • 0 = scoreA is equivalent than scoreB
      • -1 = scoreA is worse than scoreB
      Specified by:
      compare in interface Compare_F32