Class NonMaxBlock_MT


public class NonMaxBlock_MT extends NonMaxBlock

Concurrent implementation of NonMaxBlock_MT. Every row of block is run in its own threads. All threads keep track of all the found mins/maxs in seperate lists which are then combined after a thread has finished running. All searches and point lists declared for each thread are saved for future use

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    • process

      public void process(GrayF32 intensityImage, @Nullable @Nullable QueueCorner localMin, @Nullable @Nullable QueueCorner localMax)
      Detects local minimums and/or maximums in the provided intensity image.
      process in class NonMaxBlock
      intensityImage - (Input) Feature intensity image.
      localMin - (Output) storage for found local minimums.
      localMax - (Output) storage for found local maximums.
    • createSearchData

      public NonMaxBlock_MT.SearchData createSearchData()