Class OrientationIntegralBase<II extends ImageGray<II>,G extends GradientValue>

All Implemented Interfaces:
OrientationIntegral<II>, RegionOrientation
Direct Known Subclasses:
ImplOrientationAverageGradientIntegral, ImplOrientationImageAverageIntegral, ImplOrientationSlidingWindowIntegral

public abstract class OrientationIntegralBase<II extends ImageGray<II>,G extends GradientValue> extends Object implements OrientationIntegral<II>

Common base class for integral image region orientation algorithms.

  • Field Details

    • ii

      protected II extends ImageGray<II> ii
    • scale

      protected double scale
    • sampleRadius

      protected int sampleRadius
    • sampleWidth

      protected int sampleWidth
    • weights

      protected Kernel2D_F64 weights
    • weightSigma

      protected double weightSigma
    • kernelWidth

      protected int kernelWidth
    • period

      protected double period
    • objectRadiusToScale

      protected double objectRadiusToScale
    • g

      protected SparseScaleGradient<II extends ImageGray<II>,G extends GradientValue> g
  • Constructor Details

    • OrientationIntegralBase

      protected OrientationIntegralBase(double objectRadiusToScale, int sampleRadius, double period, int kernelWidth, double weightSigma, boolean assignDefaultRadius, Class<II> integralType)
      Configure orientation estimation.
      sampleRadius - The radius of samples that it will do. Typically 6.
      period - How often the image is sampled in pixels at canonical size. Internally, this value is scaled by scaledPeriod = period*objectRadius/sampleRadius. Typically 1.
      kernelWidth - How wide of a kernel should be used to sample. Try 4
      weightSigma - Sigma for weighting. Set to zero for unweighted, negative to use sampleRadius.
      assignDefaultRadius - If true it will set the object's radius to a scale of 1
  • Method Details