Class ImplOrientationSlidingWindowIntegral<T extends ImageGray<T>,G extends GradientValue>

All Implemented Interfaces:
OrientationIntegral<T>, RegionOrientation

public class ImplOrientationSlidingWindowIntegral<T extends ImageGray<T>,G extends GradientValue> extends OrientationIntegralBase<T,G>

Implementation of OrientationSlidingWindow for integral images. TODO comment how this implementation works

  • Field Details

    • windowSize

      protected double windowSize
    • angles

      protected double[] angles
    • order

      protected int[] order
  • Constructor Details

    • ImplOrientationSlidingWindowIntegral

      public ImplOrientationSlidingWindowIntegral(double radiusToScale, double samplePeriod, double windowSize, int sampleRadius, double weightSigma, int sampleKernelWidth, Class<T> integralType)
      Specifies configuration parameters and initializes data structures
      samplePeriod - How often the image is sampled. This number is scaled. Typically 1.
      windowSize - Angular window that is slide across
      sampleRadius - Radius of the region being considered in terms of samples. Typically 6.
      weightSigma - Sigma for weighting distribution. Zero for unweighted.
      sampleKernelWidth - Size of kernel doing the sampling. Typically 4.
      integralType - Type of integral image being processed.
  • Method Details

    • compute

      public double compute(double c_x, double c_y)
      Description copied from interface: RegionOrientation
      Computes the orientation of a region about its center.
      c_x - Center of the region in image pixels.
      c_y - Center of the region in image pixels.
      Orientation in radians. Angle zero points along x-axis and pi/2 along y-axis.
    • copy

      public RegionOrientation copy()
      Description copied from interface: RegionOrientation
      Creates a copy which is functionally identical