Class QrCodeGeneratorImage

public class QrCodeGeneratorImage extends QrCodeGenerator
Renders a QR Code inside a gray scale image. To change the color you need to change it in the renderer, which can be accessed with getRenderer().
  • Constructor Details

    • QrCodeGeneratorImage

      public QrCodeGeneratorImage(int pixelsPerModule)
  • Method Details

    • render

      public QrCodeGeneratorImage render(QrCode qr)
      Description copied from class: QrCodeGenerator
      Generates a QR Code with the specified message. An exception is thrown if the message is too long to be encoded.
      render in class QrCodeGenerator
    • initialize

      protected void initialize(QrCode qr)
      initialize in class QrCodeGenerator
    • getBorderModule

      public int getBorderModule()
    • setBorderModule

      public void setBorderModule(int borderModule)
      Used to change the white border's size.
      borderModule - Border size in units of modules
    • getRenderer

      public FiducialImageEngine getRenderer()
    • getGray

      public GrayU8 getGray()
    • getGrayF32

      public GrayF32 getGrayF32()