Class QrGeneratorBase<T extends QrGeneratorBase<T>>

Direct Known Subclasses:
MicroQrCodeGenerator, QrCodeGenerator

public abstract class QrGeneratorBase<T extends QrGeneratorBase<T>> extends Object
Base class for rendering QR and Micro QR
  • Field Details

    • markerWidth

      public double markerWidth
      How wide the square which encloses the marker is
    • renderData

      protected boolean renderData
    • moduleWidth

      protected double moduleWidth
    • numModules

      protected int numModules
    • bitLocations

      protected List<Point2D_I32> bitLocations
    • render

      protected FiducialRenderEngine render
      Used to render the marker
  • Constructor Details

    • QrGeneratorBase

      protected QrGeneratorBase(double markerWidth)
    • QrGeneratorBase

      protected QrGeneratorBase()
  • Method Details

    • positionPattern

      protected void positionPattern(double x, double y, Polygon2D_F64 where)
    • timingPattern

      protected void timingPattern(double x, double y, double slopeX, double slopeY, int length)
    • square

      protected void square(int row, int col)
    • setMarkerWidth

      public T setMarkerWidth(double value)
    • setRender

      public T setRender(FiducialRenderEngine render)