Class PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing


public class PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing extends Object

Checks positive depth constraint given observations as pointing vectors.

Triangulation is done in homogenous coordinates so that points at infinity can be handled

COORDINATE SYSTEM: Right handed coordinate system with +z is pointing along the camera's optical axis

  • Constructor Details

    • PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing

      public PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing(Triangulate2PointingMetricH triangulate)
    • PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing

      public PositiveDepthConstraintCheckHPointing()
  • Method Details

    • checkConstraint

      public boolean checkConstraint(Point3D_F64 viewA, Point3D_F64 viewB, Se3_F64 fromAtoB)
      Checks to see if a single point meets the constraint.
      viewA - View of the 3D point from the first camera. Pointing vector coordinates.
      viewB - View of the 3D point from the second camera. Pointing vector coordinates.
      fromAtoB - Transform from the B to A camera frame.
      If the triangulated point appears in front of both cameras.