Class FundamentalLinear8


public class FundamentalLinear8 extends FundamentalLinear

Given a set of 8 or more points this class computes the essential or fundamental matrix. The result is often used as an initial guess for more accurate non-linear approaches.

The computed fundamental matrix follow the following convention (with no noise) for the associated pair: x2T*F*x1 = 0
x1 = keyLoc and x2 = currLoc.


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  • R. Hartley, and A. Zisserman, "Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision", 2nd Ed, Cambridge 2003
  • Constructor Details

    • FundamentalLinear8

      public FundamentalLinear8(boolean computeFundamental)
      Specifies which type of matrix is to be computed
      computeFundamental - true it computes a fundamental matrix and false for essential
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(List<AssociatedPair> points, DMatrixRMaj solution)

      Computes a fundamental or essential matrix from a set of associated point correspondences.

      points - List of corresponding image coordinates. In pixel for fundamental matrix or normalized coordinates for essential matrix.
      true If successful or false if it failed
    • process

      protected boolean process(DMatrixRMaj A, DMatrixRMaj F)
      Computes the SVD of A and extracts the essential/fundamental matrix from its null space