Class FundamentalLinear

Direct Known Subclasses:
FundamentalLinear7, FundamentalLinear8

public abstract class FundamentalLinear extends Object

Base class for linear algebra based algorithms for computing the Fundamental/Essential matrices.

The computed fundamental matrix follow the following convention (with no noise) for the associated pair: x2T*F*x1 = 0
x1 = keyLoc and x2 = currLoc.

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • FundamentalLinear

      protected FundamentalLinear(boolean computeFundamental)
      Specifies which type of matrix is to be computed
      computeFundamental - true it computes a fundamental matrix and false for essential
  • Method Details

    • projectOntoEssential

      protected boolean projectOntoEssential(DMatrixRMaj E)
      Projects the found estimate of E onto essential space.
      true if svd returned true.
    • projectOntoFundamentalSpace

      protected boolean projectOntoFundamentalSpace(DMatrixRMaj F)
      Projects the found estimate of F onto Fundamental space.
      true if svd returned true.
    • createA

      protected void createA(List<AssociatedPair> points, DMatrixRMaj A)
      Reorganizes the epipolar constraint equation (xT2*F*x1 = 0) such that it is formulated as a standard linear system of the form Ax=0. Where A contains the pixel locations and x is the reformatted fundamental matrix.
      points - Set of associated points in left and right images.
      A - Matrix where the reformatted points are written to.