Class VisOdomDirectColorDepth<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>>


public class VisOdomDirectColorDepth<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • VisOdomDirectColorDepth

      public VisOdomDirectColorDepth(int numBands, Class<I> imageType, Class<D> derivType)
      Declares internal data structures and specifies the type of input images to expect
      imageType - Input image type
      derivType - Type of image to store the derivative in
  • Method Details

    • setCameraParameters

      public void setCameraParameters(float fx, float fy, float cx, float cy, int width, int height)
      Specifies intrinsic camera parameters. Must be called.
      fx - focal length x (pixels)
      fy - focal length y (pixels)
      cx - principle point x (pixels)
      cy - principle point y (pixels)
      width - Width of the image
      height - Height of the image
    • setInterpolation

      public void setInterpolation(double inputMin, double inputMax, double derivMin, double derivMax, InterpolationType type)
      Used to change interpolation method. Probably don't want to do this.
      inputMin - min value for input pixels. 0 is typical
      inputMax - max value for input pixels. 255 is typical
      derivMin - min value for the derivative of input pixels
      derivMax - max value for the derivative of input pixels
      type - Type of interpolation method to use
    • setConvergence

      public void setConvergence(float convergenceTol, int maxIterations)
      Specifies convergence parameters
      convergenceTol - When change in error is less than this fraction stop. Try 1e-6
      maxIterations - When this number of iterations has been exceeded stop. Try 10
    • computeFeatureDiversity

      public double computeFeatureDiversity(Se3_F32 keyToCurrent)
      Computes the diversity of valid pixels in keyframe to the location in the current frame.
      Angular spread along the smallest axis in radians
    • estimateMotion

      public boolean estimateMotion(Planar<I> input, Se3_F32 hintKeyToInput)
      Estimates the motion relative to the key frame.
      input - Next image in the sequence
      hintKeyToInput - estimated transform from keyframe to the current input image
      true if it was successful at estimating the motion or false if it failed for some reason
    • getErrorOptical

      public float getErrorOptical()
    • getInboundsPixels

      public int getInboundsPixels()
    • getKeyframePixels

      public int getKeyframePixels()
    • getKeyToCurrent

      public Se3_F32 getKeyToCurrent()
    • getImageType

      public ImageType<Planar<I>> getImageType()
    • getDerivType

      public ImageType<Planar<D>> getDerivType()