Class GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene

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public class GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene extends Object implements VerbosePrint
Given the sparse reconstruction, create a StereoPairGraph that describes which views are compatible for computing dense stereo disparity from.
  • Field Details

    • countSmootherParam

      public double countSmootherParam
      Intended to stop small number of observations causing large swings in score. Larger means more smoothing.
    • minimumCommonFeaturesFrac

      public double minimumCommonFeaturesFrac
      Minimum fraction for common features between the two frames
    • targetDisparity

      public double targetDisparity
      If the predicted disparity is above this value the score will not improve.
  • Constructor Details

    • GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene

      public GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process(<String> viewIdx_to_imageId, SceneStructureMetric scene)
      Computes a StereoPairGraph from the sparse scene graph
      viewIdx_to_imageId - (Input) Look up table from view index in scene to the image ID/name
      scene - (Input) Sparse 3D scene
    • matchPointsToViews

      protected void matchPointsToViews(SceneStructureMetric scene)
      Creates a lookup table from view to points and find the vector going from view to point
    • computePointingVector

      protected void computePointingVector(Se3_F64 world_to_view, SceneStructureCommon.Point p, boolean homogenous, Vector3D_F64 pointing)
      Computes the pointing vector between the view and point in world frame.
      pointing - (Output) Cartesian vector pointing from the view to the point.
    • connect

      protected void connect(int viewIdxA, int viewIdxB)
      Connects two views together and makes sure it isn't done twice
    • createStereoGraph

      protected void createStereoGraph(<String> viewToId)
      Creates the output graph. A vertex is created for each view in the scene. The quality between connected views is found by looking at the angle between points and the number of common points
    • findCommonFeatureAngles

      protected void findCommonFeatureAngles(GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene.View viewA, GenerateStereoPairGraphFromScene.View viewB)
      Finds common features between the two views and computes the acute angles between them
    • setVerbose

      public void setVerbose(@Nullable @Nullable PrintStream out, @Nullable @Nullable Set<String> set)
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      setVerbose in interface VerbosePrint