Class LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8

All Implemented Interfaces:
PixelLikelihood<Planar<GrayU8>>, SparseImageOperator<Planar<GrayU8>>, SparseImageSample_F32<Planar<GrayU8>>

public class LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8 extends Object implements PixelLikelihood<Planar<GrayU8>>

Creates a histogram in a color image and is used to identify the likelihood of an color being a member of the original distribution. The histogram is computed in N-dimensional space, where N is the number of bands in the color image. The number of bins for each band is specified in the constructor. There is a total of N*numBins elements in the histogram.

Design Note:
The reason operations in GHistogramFeatureOps is not used internally is because those are for histograms stored in double arrays, while this has to use floats/

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    • LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8

      public LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8(int maxPixelValue, int numBins)
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