Interface SparseImageOperator<T extends ImageBase<T>>

All Known Subinterfaces:
PixelLikelihood<T>, SparseImageGradient<T,G>, SparseImageSample_F32<T>, SparseImageSample_F64<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
GradientSparsePrewitt_F32, GradientSparsePrewitt_U8, GradientSparseSobel_F32, GradientSparseSobel_U8, GradientSparseThree_F32, GradientSparseThree_U8, GradientSparseTwo0_F32, GradientSparseTwo0_U8, GradientSparseTwo1_F32, GradientSparseTwo1_U8, LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8, LikelihoodHistCoupled_SB_U8, LikelihoodHueSatHistCoupled_PL_U8, LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8, SparseGradientSafe, SparseIntegralGradient_NoBorder, SparseIntegralGradient_NoBorder_F32, SparseIntegralGradient_NoBorder_I32, SparseIntegralGradientKernel, SparseIntegralHaar_NoBorder_F32, SparseIntegralHaar_NoBorder_I32, SparseIntegralSample_F32, SparseIntegralSample_I32, SparseScaleGradient, SparseScaleSample_F32, SparseScaleSample_F64

public interface SparseImageOperator<T extends ImageBase<T>>
Interface for operations which are applied to a single pixel or region around a single pixel
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    isInBounds(int x, int y)
    Checks to see if the entire sample region is contained inside the image or not.
    setImage(T input)
    Specifies the image being processed.
  • Method Details

    • setImage

      void setImage(T input)
      Specifies the image being processed.
      input - Image being processed
    • isInBounds

      boolean isInBounds(int x, int y)
      Checks to see if the entire sample region is contained inside the image or not. Depending on the implementation it might be able to handle out of bounds pixels or not.