Interface PixelLikelihood<T extends ImageBase<T>>

All Superinterfaces:
SparseImageOperator<T>, SparseImageSample_F32<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
LikelihoodHistCoupled_PL_U8, LikelihoodHistCoupled_SB_U8, LikelihoodHueSatHistCoupled_PL_U8, LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8

public interface PixelLikelihood<T extends ImageBase<T>> extends SparseImageSample_F32<T>
Computes the likelihood that a pixel belongs to the target.
  • Method Details

    • createModel

      void createModel(RectangleLength2D_I32 target)
      Specifies where the initial location of the target is in the image and computes the model using pixels inside the rectangle
      target - Location of target inside the image