Class LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8

All Implemented Interfaces:
PixelLikelihood<Planar<GrayU8>>, SparseImageOperator<Planar<GrayU8>>, SparseImageSample_F32<Planar<GrayU8>>

public class LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8 extends Object implements PixelLikelihood<Planar<GrayU8>>

Converts an RGB image into HSV image to add invariance to changes in lighting conditions. Creates independent histograms for the target's Hue and Saturation, which are then normalized such that their sums are equal to one. Likelihood is computed multiply the value of the histograms together.

Colors with a very small "Value" are ignored since their hue and saturation are not reliable.

  • Field Details

    • binsH

      protected float[] binsH
    • binsS

      protected float[] binsS
    • sizeH

      protected float sizeH
    • sizeS

      protected float sizeS
  • Constructor Details

    • LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8

      public LikelihoodHueSatHistInd_PL_U8(int maxPixelValue, int numHistogramBins)
      Configures likelihood function
      maxPixelValue - The maximum intensity value a pixel can take on.
      numHistogramBins - Number of bins in the Hue and Saturation histogram.
  • Method Details