Class ConfigTld

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigTld extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration file for TLD tracker.
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  • Field Details

    • maximumCascadeConsider

      public int maximumCascadeConsider
      Maximum number of NCC templates it will examine inside the detection cascade. Used to limit the amount of processing used during detection. To disable set to Integer.MAX_VALUE
    • numNegativeFerns

      public int numNegativeFerns
      Number of ferns it will use to train the negative classifier
    • maximumErrorFB

      public double maximumErrorFB
      The maximum allowed forwards-backwards error (pixels) for a track. Suggested value is 10.
    • trackerGridWidth

      public int trackerGridWidth
      Tracks are spawned in an evenly spaced grid inside the previous region. This value specifies the number of rows and columns in the grid.
    • trackerFeatureRadius

      public int trackerFeatureRadius
      Radius of KLT tracks. A radius of 5 is recommended.
    • detectMinimumSide

      public int detectMinimumSide
      The minimum number of pixels along a side in a detection rectangle which will be considered.
    • motionIterations

      public int motionIterations
      Number of iterations in LSMeD to estimate the region's motion.
    • regionConnect

      public double regionConnect
      If two regions have an overlap fraction more than or equal to this value then they will be considered connected. Used inside of non-maximum suppression. A value of 0.5 is suggested.
    • overlapUpper

      public double overlapUpper
      If two regions have an overlap more than or equal to this value they are considered to be strongly connected
    • overlapLower

      public double overlapLower
      If two regions have an overlap less than this value they are considered to be disconnected
    • thresholdSimilarArea

      public double thresholdSimilarArea
      How similar the area needs to be for it to be considered a continuation of the previous track and will update the description
    • confidenceThresholdStrong

      public double confidenceThresholdStrong
      A track must have a confidence above this value to be considered highly confident, allowing learning to be activated again.
    • confidenceThresholdUpper

      public double confidenceThresholdUpper
      Upper acceptance threshold for confidence. Suggested value is 0.65
    • confidenceThresholdLower

      public double confidenceThresholdLower
      Lower acceptance threshold for confidence. Used during hypothesis fusion. Suggested value is 0.5
    • randomSeed

      public long randomSeed
      Random number seed. Used to create ferns and perform robust model fitting.
    • numFerns

      public int numFerns
      Number of fern descriptors. A value of 10 is recommended.
    • fernSize

      public int fernSize
      Number of sample points pairs. 0 < N ≤ 32. A value of 10 is recommended.
    • confidenceAccept

      public double confidenceAccept
      The minimum value for a region's confidence that will be accepted. When the tracking hypothesis is accepted its value can dip very low.
    • scaleSpread

      public int scaleSpread
      Determines the number of scales it will search in increments of powers of 1.2. All scales from 1.2^(-scaleSpread) to 1.2^scaleSpread are checked.
    • trackerConfig

      public ConfigKlt trackerConfig
      Basic parameters for tracker. KltConfig.createDefault() with maxIterations = 50 is suggested.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigTld

      public ConfigTld()
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public ConfigTld setTo(ConfigTld src)
    • checkValidity

      public void checkValidity()
      Description copied from interface: Configuration
      Checks to see if the configuration is valid. If it is invalid, throw an exception explaining what is incorrect.
      Specified by:
      checkValidity in interface Configuration