Class TldLearning<T extends ImageGray<T>>


public class TldLearning<T extends ImageGray<T>> extends Object
Uses information from the user and from the tracker to update the positive and negative target model for both ferns and templates.
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    • initialLearning

      public void initialLearning(Rectangle2D_F64 targetRegion, DogArray<ImageRectangle> cascadeRegions)
      Select positive and negative examples based on the region the user's initially selected region. The selected region is used as a positive example while all the other regions far away are used as negative examples.
      targetRegion - user selected region
      cascadeRegions - Set of regions used by the cascade detector
    • updateLearning

      public void updateLearning(Rectangle2D_F64 targetRegion)
      Updates learning using the latest tracking results.
      targetRegion - Region selected by the fused tracking
    • learnAmbiguousNegative

      protected void learnAmbiguousNegative(Rectangle2D_F64 targetRegion)
      Mark regions which were local maximums and had high confidence as negative. These regions were candidates for the tracker but were not selected