Class ConfigDisparity

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigDisparity extends Object implements Configuration
Generic configuration for any dense stereo disparity algorithm.
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  • Field Details

    • approach

      public ConfigDisparity.Approach approach
      Specifies which approach to use
    • approachBM

      public final ConfigDisparityBM approachBM
      Configuration for Block Matching approach
    • approachBM5

      public final ConfigDisparityBMBest5 approachBM5
      Configuration for Block Matching Best-5 approach
    • approachSGM

      public final ConfigDisparitySGM approachSGM
      Configuration for Semi Global Matching (SGM) appraoch
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigDisparity

      public ConfigDisparity()
  • Method Details

    • getBlockSize

      public KernelRadius2D getBlockSize()
    • checkValidity

      public void checkValidity()
      Description copied from interface: Configuration
      Checks to see if the configuration is valid. If it is invalid, throw an exception explaining what is incorrect.
      Specified by:
      checkValidity in interface Configuration
    • setTo

      public ConfigDisparity setTo(ConfigDisparity src)
    • isSubpixel

      public boolean isSubpixel()