Class ConfigDisparityError.HMI

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfigDisparityError, Configuration, Serializable
Enclosing interface:

public static class ConfigDisparityError.HMI extends Object implements ConfigDisparityError
Configuration for Hierarchical Mutual Information.
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  • Field Details

    • totalGrayLevels

      public int totalGrayLevels
      Number of possible pixel values. MI was designed around 8-bit images and performance will degrade for large values.
    • pyramidLayers

      public ConfigDiscreteLevels pyramidLayers
      Specifies the smallest layer in pyramid. Used to compute Mutual Information Cost
    • smoothingRadius

      public int smoothingRadius
      Radius of Gaussian kernel when applying smoothing during Mutual Information computation.
    • extraIterations

      public int extraIterations
      Number of additional iterations to perform. This should improve the MI estimate, but the cost is significant.
  • Constructor Details

    • HMI

      public HMI()
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