Class ConfigHoughFootSubimage

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigHoughFootSubimage extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for DetectLineHoughFootSubimage.
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  • Field Details

    • localMaxRadius

      public int localMaxRadius
      Lines in transform space must be a local max in a region with this radius. Try 5;
    • minCounts

      public int minCounts
      Minimum number of counts/votes inside the transformed image. Try 5.
    • minDistanceFromOrigin

      public int minDistanceFromOrigin
      Lines which are this close to the origin of the transformed image are ignored. Try 5.
    • thresholdEdge

      public float thresholdEdge
      Threshold for classifying pixels as edge or not. Try 30.
    • maxLines

      public int maxLines
      Maximum number of lines to return. If ≤ 0 it will return them all.
    • totalHorizontalDivisions

      public int totalHorizontalDivisions
      Number of sub-images in horizontal direction Try 2
    • totalVerticalDivisions

      public int totalVerticalDivisions
      Number of sub images in vertical direction. Try 2
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigHoughFootSubimage

      public ConfigHoughFootSubimage()
    • ConfigHoughFootSubimage

      public ConfigHoughFootSubimage(int maxLines)
    • ConfigHoughFootSubimage

      public ConfigHoughFootSubimage(int localMaxRadius, int minCounts, int minDistanceFromOrigin, float thresholdEdge, int maxLines, int totalHorizontalDivisions, int totalVerticalDivisions)
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