Class DisplayCalibrationPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, ScrollPaneConstants
Direct Known Subclasses:
DisplayFisheyeCalibrationPanel, DisplayPinholeCalibrationPanel

public abstract class DisplayCalibrationPanel
extends ImageZoomPanel
Panel for displaying results from camera calibration. Controls and renders visuals.
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

    • showPoints

      public boolean showPoints
    • showErrors

      public boolean showErrors
    • showUndistorted

      public boolean showUndistorted
    • showAll

      public boolean showAll
    • showNumbers

      public boolean showNumbers
    • showOrder

      public boolean showOrder
    • showResiduals

      public boolean showResiduals
    • errorScale

      public double errorScale
    • selectedObservation

      protected int selectedObservation
    • results

      @Nullable public @Nullable ImageResults results
    • pixelTransform

      protected Point2Transform2_F32 pixelTransform
    • adj

      protected Point2D_F32 adj
    • adj2

      protected Point2D_F32 adj2
    • ellipse

      protected Ellipse2D.Double ellipse
    • line

      protected Line2D.Double line
    • setScale

  • Constructor Details

    • DisplayCalibrationPanel

      protected DisplayCalibrationPanel()
  • Method Details

    • findClickedPoint

      protected int findClickedPoint​(MouseEvent e, CalibrationObservation features)
      Finds the landmark which is the closest to the point clicked by the user. Maximum distance is determined in image pixels
    • setResults

      public void setResults​(CalibrationObservation features, @Nullable @Nullable ImageResults results, List<CalibrationObservation> allFeatures)
    • clearResults

      public void clearResults()
    • setDisplay

      public void setDisplay​(boolean showPoints, boolean showErrors, boolean showUndistorted, boolean showAll, boolean showNumbers, boolean showOrder, double errorScale)
    • setScale

      public void setScale​(double scale)
      setScale in class ImageZoomPanel
    • clearCalibration

      public abstract void clearCalibration()
      Forgets the previously passed in calibration
    • deselectPoint

      public void deselectPoint()
    • drawFeatures

      protected void drawFeatures​(Graphics2D g2, double scale)
      Visualizes calibration information, such as feature location and order.