Class CameraModel

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public abstract class CameraModel extends Object implements Serializable
Common class for camera models
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  • Field Details

    • width

      public int width
      image shape (units: pixels)
    • height

      public int height
      image shape (units: pixels)
  • Constructor Details

    • CameraModel

      public CameraModel()
  • Method Details

    • getWidth

      public int getWidth()
    • setWidth

      public void setWidth(int width)
    • getHeight

      public int getHeight()
    • setHeight

      public void setHeight(int height)
    • getDimension

      public ImageDimension getDimension(@Nullable @Nullable ImageDimension dimension)
    • isSameShape

      public boolean isSameShape(ImageBase<?> image)
    • isSameShape

      public boolean isSameShape(int width, int height)
    • createLike

      public abstract <T extends CameraModel> T createLike()
      Creates a new camera model with zero values of the same type os this one
    • print

      public void print()
      Prints a summary of this model to stdout