Class MultiCameraCalibParams

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public class MultiCameraCalibParams extends Object implements Serializable
Intrinsic and extrinsic calibration for a multi-camera calibration system. Extrinsics for each camera is in reference to a global reference frame that is typically camera 0, but not always. Each camera can have its own different camera model, but typically they will all be the same.
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  • Field Details

    • serialVersionUID

      public static final long serialVersionUID
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    • intrinsics

      public final List<CameraModel> intrinsics
      Intrinsic camera parameters and model for each camera.
    • camerasToSensor

      public final List<Se3_F64> camerasToSensor
      Extrinsics for each camera. Camera to the common sensor frame. Typically the common sensor frame is defined as camera[0], but not always.
  • Constructor Details

    • MultiCameraCalibParams

      public MultiCameraCalibParams()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset()
    • getIntrinsics

      public <Cam extends CameraModel> Cam getIntrinsics(int index)
    • getCameraToSensor

      public Se3_F64 getCameraToSensor(int index)
    • getBaseline

      public double getBaseline(int cam0, int cam1)
      Returns the distance between two cameras
    • computeExtrinsics

      public Se3_F64 computeExtrinsics(int cam0, int cam1, @Nullable @Nullable Se3_F64 cam0_to_cam1)
      Returns the transform from cam0 to cam1 reference frame
      cam0 - Index of camera 0
      cam1 - Index of camera 1
      cam0_to_cam1 - (Output) Storage for transform from cam[0] to cam[1]. Can be null.
      The transform.
    • isIdentical_WARNING

      public boolean isIdentical_WARNING(MultiCameraCalibParams o)
      Compares 'this' to the passed in parameters and returns true if they have identical values. This function is only partially implemented because all the camera models don't implement isIdentical() yet.
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      public String toStringFormat()
      Formatted to be easier to read
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Print summary on a single line
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