Class Point2D4D


public class Point2D4D
extends Object
Observed point feature location on the image plane and its 3D homogenous position.
  • Field Details

    • observation

      public Point2D_F64 observation
      Observed location of the feature on the image plane
    • location

      public Point4D_F64 location
      3D location of the feature in homogenous world coordinates
  • Constructor Details

    • Point2D4D

      public Point2D4D()
    • Point2D4D

      public Point2D4D​(Point2D_F64 observation, Point4D_F64 location)
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public void setTo​(Point2D4D src)
      Sets 'this' to be identical to 'src'.
    • getObservation

      public Point2D_F64 getObservation()
    • setObservation

      public void setObservation​(Point2D_F64 observation)
    • getLocation

      public Point4D_F64 getLocation()
    • setLocation

      public void setLocation​(Point4D_F64 location)
    • copy

      public Point2D4D copy()