Interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>

All Known Implementing Classes:
WlBorderCoefFixed, WlBorderCoefStandard

public interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>
Provides a different set of coefficients along the image's border and the inner portion. This is required in conditions where simply remapping the indexes does not support the change.
  • Method Details

    • getBorderCoefficients

      T getBorderCoefficients(int index)
    • getLowerLength

      int getLowerLength()
    • getUpperLength

      int getUpperLength()
    • getInnerCoefficients

      T getInnerCoefficients()
      Set of coefficients used inside the image where the scaling and wavelet signals do not go outside the image borders.
      Wavelet coefficients for inside the image.