Class WlBorderCoefFixed<T extends WlCoef>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WlBorderCoefFixed<T extends WlCoef> extends Object implements WlBorderCoef<T>
Precomputed border coefficients up to the specified depth.
  • Field Details

    • lowerCoef

      public T extends WlCoef[] lowerCoef
    • upperCoef

      public T extends WlCoef[] upperCoef
  • Constructor Details

    • WlBorderCoefFixed

      public WlBorderCoefFixed(int numLower, int numUpper)
  • Method Details

    • setInnerCoef

      public void setInnerCoef(T innerCoef)
    • getLower

      public T getLower(int index)
    • getUpper

      public T getUpper(int index)
    • setLower

      public void setLower(int index, T coef)
    • setUpper

      public void setUpper(int index, T coef)
    • getLowerLength

      public int getLowerLength()
      Specified by:
      getLowerLength in interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>
    • getUpperLength

      public int getUpperLength()
      Specified by:
      getUpperLength in interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>
    • getBorderCoefficients

      public T getBorderCoefficients(int index)
      Specified by:
      getBorderCoefficients in interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>
    • getInnerCoefficients

      public T getInnerCoefficients()
      Description copied from interface: WlBorderCoef
      Set of coefficients used inside the image where the scaling and wavelet signals do not go outside the image borders.
      Specified by:
      getInnerCoefficients in interface WlBorderCoef<T extends WlCoef>
      Wavelet coefficients for inside the image.