Class HoughGradient_to_DetectLine<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HoughGradient_to_DetectLine<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object implements DetectLine<I>
Converts HoughTransformGradient into DetectLine

USAGE NOTES: Blurring the image prior to processing can often improve performance. Results will not be perfect and to detect all the obvious lines in the image several false positives might be returned.

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  • Field Details

    • thresholdEdge

      public float thresholdEdge
    • nonMaxSuppression

      public boolean nonMaxSuppression
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • detect

      public List<LineParametric2D_F32> detect(I input)
      Description copied from interface: DetectLine
      Detect lines inside the image.
      Specified by:
      detect in interface DetectLine<I extends ImageGray<I>>
      input - Input image.
      List of found lines.
    • getInputType

      public ImageType<I> getInputType()
      Specified by:
      getInputType in interface DetectLine<I extends ImageGray<I>>
    • getThresholdEdge

      public float getThresholdEdge()
    • setThresholdEdge

      public void setThresholdEdge(float thresholdEdge)
    • getEdgeIntensity

      public GrayF32 getEdgeIntensity()
    • getBinary

      public GrayU8 getBinary()
    • getHough

      public HoughTransformGradient<D> getHough()
    • getGradient

      public ImageGradient<I,D> getGradient()
    • getDerivX

      public D getDerivX()
    • getDerivY

      public D getDerivY()
    • isNonMaxSuppression

      public boolean isNonMaxSuppression()
    • setNonMaxSuppression

      public void setNonMaxSuppression(boolean nonMaxSuppression)