Interface ImageDerivative<T extends ImageBase<T>,D extends ImageBase<D>>

All Known Subinterfaces:
ImageGradient<Input,Output>, ImageHessian<Output>, ImageHessianDirect<Input,Output>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ImageGradient_Gaussian, ImageGradient_PL, ImageGradient_SB, ImageGradient_SB.Prewitt, ImageGradient_SB.Scharr, ImageGradient_SB.Sobel, ImageGradient_SB.Three, ImageGradient_SB.Two0, ImageGradient_SB.Two1, ImageGradientThenReduce, ImageHessian_Reflection, ImageHessianDirect_SB, ImageHessianDirect_SB.Sobel, ImageHessianDirect_SB.Three

public interface ImageDerivative<T extends ImageBase<T>,D extends ImageBase<D>>
Abstract interface for computing image derivatives. The default mechanism for handling image borders is BorderType.EXTENDED.
  • Method Details

    • setBorderType

      void setBorderType(BorderType type)
      Overrides using BorderType.EXTENDED along the image border. Don't change this behavior unless you know what you're doing.
      type - Specify image border behavior
    • getBorderType

      BorderType getBorderType()
      Returns how the image borders are handled.
      Image border type.
    • getBorder

      int getBorder()
      How many pixels wide is the region that is not processed along the outside border of the image.
      number of pixels.
    • getDerivativeType

      ImageType<D> getDerivativeType()
      Image type for derivative output