Interface Triangulate2ViewsMetric

All Known Implementing Classes:
Wrap2ViewPixelDepthLinear, Wrap2ViewsTriangulateGeometric, Wrap2ViewsTriangulateMetricDLT

public interface Triangulate2ViewsMetric
Triangulate the location of a 3D point from two views of a feature given a calibrated camera and known camera motion.
  • Method Details

    • triangulate

      boolean triangulate(Point2D_F64 obsA, Point2D_F64 obsB, Se3_F64 fromAtoB, Point3D_F64 foundInA)
      Triangulate the points location.
      obsA - View from position A in normalized image coordinates.
      obsB - View from position B in normalized image coordinates.
      fromAtoB - Transform from camera location A to location B
      foundInA - The found triangulated 3D point in A's reference frame.
      true if successful, false otherwise.