Class MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils extends Object implements VerbosePrint
Contains everything you need to do metric bundle adjustment in one location
  • Field Details

    • configConverge

      public final ConfigConverge configConverge
      Configures convergence criteria for SBA
    • configScale

      public boolean configScale
      Toggles on and off scaling parameters
    • keepFraction

      public double keepFraction
      Optional second pass where outliers observations. Fraction specifies that the best X fraction are kept.
    • structure

      public final SceneStructureMetric structure
      The estimated scene structure. This the final estimated scene state
    • observations

      public final SceneObservations observations
    • sba

    • triangulator

      public TriangulateNViewsMetricH triangulator
    • scaler

      public ScaleSceneStructure scaler
  • Constructor Details

    • MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils

      public MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils(@Nullable @Nullable ConfigTriangulation triangulation, boolean homogenous)
    • MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils

      public MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process()
      Uses the already configured structure and observations to perform bundle adjustment
      true if successful
    • prune

      public void prune(double keepFraction, int pruneViews, int prunePoints)
      Prunes outliers and views/points with too few points/observations
      keepFraction - Only keeps features which have the best reprojection error. 0.95 will keep 95%
      pruneViews - Prunes views if less than or equal to this many features
      prunePoints - Prunes points if less than this number of observations
    • printCounts

      public void printCounts(PrintStream out)
      Prints the number of different data structures in the scene
    • setVerbose

      public void setVerbose(@Nullable @Nullable PrintStream out, @Nullable @Nullable Set<String> configuration)
      Specified by:
      setVerbose in interface VerbosePrint