Class SgmDisparitySelector

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public class SgmDisparitySelector extends Object
Selects the best disparity for each pixel from aggregated SGM cost. If no valid match is or can be found then it is set to invalidDisparity.
  • Field Details

    • helper

      protected final SgmHelper helper
    • rightToLeftTolerance

      protected int rightToLeftTolerance
  • Constructor Details

    • SgmDisparitySelector

      public SgmDisparitySelector()
  • Method Details

    • select

      public void select(Planar<GrayU16> costYXD, Planar<GrayU16> aggregatedYXD, GrayU8 disparity)
      Given the aggregated cost compute the best disparity to pixel level accuracy for all pixels
      aggregatedYXD - (Input) Aggregated disparity cost for each pixel
      disparity - (output) selected disparity
    • getRightToLeftTolerance

      public int getRightToLeftTolerance()
    • setRightToLeftTolerance

      public void setRightToLeftTolerance(int rightToLeftTolerance)
    • getMaxError

      public int getMaxError()
    • setMaxError

      public void setMaxError(int maxError)
    • getDisparityMin

      public int getDisparityMin()
    • setDisparityMin

      public void setDisparityMin(int disparityMin)
    • getInvalidDisparity

      public int getInvalidDisparity()
    • getTextureThreshold

      public double getTextureThreshold()
    • setTextureThreshold

      public void setTextureThreshold(double textureThreshold)
    • invalidGivenRange

      public static int invalidGivenRange(int disparityRange)
      Convenience function to make it clear what the value assigned to an invalid disparity is. Any value