Class EasyGeneralFeatureDetector<T extends ImageGray<T>,D extends ImageGray<D>>

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public class EasyGeneralFeatureDetector<T extends ImageGray<T>,D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object
Detects features using GeneralFeatureDetector but Handles all the derivative computations automatically.
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    • EasyGeneralFeatureDetector

      public EasyGeneralFeatureDetector(GeneralFeatureDetector<T,D> detector, @Nullable @Nullable Class<T> imageType, @Nullable @Nullable Class<D> derivType)
      Configures detector and uses default image derivatives.
      detector - Feature detector.
      imageType - Type of input image
      derivType - If null then the derivative will be selected using the image type.
    • EasyGeneralFeatureDetector

      public EasyGeneralFeatureDetector(GeneralFeatureDetector<T,D> detector, @Nullable @Nullable ImageGradient<T,D> gradient, @Nullable @Nullable ImageHessian<D> hessian, Class<D> derivType)
      Constructor which allows the user to specify how derivatives are computed
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    • detect

      public void detect(T input, @Nullable @Nullable QueueCorner exclude)
      Detect features inside the image. Excluding points in the exclude list.
      input - Image being processed.
      exclude - List of points that should not be returned. Null if there are no excluded points.
    • getDetector

      public GeneralFeatureDetector<T,D> getDetector()
    • getMaximums

      public QueueCorner getMaximums()
    • getMinimums

      public QueueCorner getMinimums()
    • getInputType

      public ImageType<T> getInputType()