Class AztecGenerator


public class AztecGenerator extends Object
Generates an image of an Aztec Code marker as specified in ISO/IEC 24778:2008(E)
  • Field Details

    • markerWidth

      public double markerWidth
      How wide the square which encloses the marker is
    • lengthInSquares

      protected int lengthInSquares
    • squareWidth

      protected double squareWidth
    • orientationSquareCount

      protected int orientationSquareCount
    • orientationLoc

      protected double orientationLoc
    • render

      @Nullable protected @Nullable FiducialRenderEngine render
      Used to render the marker
    • messageCoordiantes

      protected PackedArrayPoint2D_I16 messageCoordiantes
      Location of each bit in marker square coordinates
    • coordinate

      protected Point2D_I16 coordinate
  • Constructor Details

    • AztecGenerator

      public AztecGenerator()
  • Method Details

    • renderImage

      public static GrayU8 renderImage(int pixelPerSquare, int border, AztecCode marker)
      Convenience function for rendering images
    • render

      public AztecGenerator render(AztecCode marker)
    • locatorPattern

      protected void locatorPattern(double tl_x, double tl_y, int ringCount, AztecPyramid locator)
      Renders the locator pattern given it's top-left corner of the outermost ring. This does NOT include the orientation pattern.
    • orientationPattern

      protected void orientationPattern(double tl_x, double tl_y, int moduleCount)
    • referenceGridLine

      protected void referenceGridLine(int tl_x, int tl_y, int dx, int dy, int count)
    • computeDataBitCoordinates

      public static void computeDataBitCoordinates(AztecCode marker, PackedArrayPoint2D_I16 coordinates)
      Computes the coordinate of each bit in the marker in units of squares as specified in Figure 5. Coordinate system will have (0, 0) be the marker's center. +x right and +y down.
      coordinates - Coordinates are encoded as interleaved (row, col)
    • setMarkerWidth

      public AztecGenerator setMarkerWidth(double width)
    • setRender

      public AztecGenerator setRender(FiducialRenderEngine render)