Interface Zhang99Camera

All Known Implementing Classes:
Zhang99CameraBrown, Zhang99CameraKannalaBrandt, Zhang99CameraUniversalOmni

public interface Zhang99Camera
Wrapper that converts a camera model into a format understood by Zhang99.
  • Method Details

    • setLayout

      void setLayout(List<Point2D_F64> layout)
      Specifies layout of calibration target
    • initializeCamera

      BundleAdjustmentCamera initializeCamera(DMatrixRMaj K, List<DMatrixRMaj> homographies, List<CalibrationObservation> observations)
      Provide an initial estimate for the camera parameters given 1) estimated pinhole camera parameters, set of found homographies, and observed calibration targets.
      K - (Input) Estimated pinhole camera parameters
      homographies - (Input) Homographies
      observations - (Input) Target observations
      Initial estimate of camera model
    • getCameraModel

      CameraModel getCameraModel(BundleAdjustmentCamera bundleCam)