Class SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing


public class SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing extends Object
Given a set of observations in point vectors and a set of possible stereo transforms select the best view. Best in this case means meeting the positive depth constraint in both cameras
  • Constructor Details

    • SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing

      public SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing(Triangulate2PointingMetricH triangulate)
      Specifies how the essential matrix is computed
    • SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing

      public SelectBestStereoTransformHPointing()
  • Method Details

    • select

      public void select(List<Se3_F64> candidatesAtoB, List<AssociatedPair3D> observations, Se3_F64 model)
      Selects the transform which describes a view where observations appear in front of the camera the most
      candidatesAtoB - List of possible transforms
      observations - observations in both stereo cameras in normalized image coordinates
      model - (Output) the selected transform from a to b