Class AssociatedPair3D


public class AssociatedPair3D extends Object

The observed location of a feature in two camera views. Typically a point in homogenous coordinates a line.

  • Field Details

    • p1

      public Point3D_F64 p1
      Location of the feature in the first image
    • p2

      public Point3D_F64 p2
      Location of the feature in the second image.
  • Constructor Details

    • AssociatedPair3D

      public AssociatedPair3D()
    • AssociatedPair3D

      public AssociatedPair3D(double x1, double y1, double z1, double x2, double y2, double z2)
      Creates a new associated point from the two provided points.
      x1 - image 1 location x-axis.
      y1 - image 1 location y-axis.
      x2 - image 2 location x-axis.
      y2 - image 2 location y-axis.
    • AssociatedPair3D

      public AssociatedPair3D(Point3D_F64 p1, Point3D_F64 p2)
      Assigns the value to the two passed in features. A copy of the features is made.
      p1 - image 1 location
      p2 - image 2 location
    • AssociatedPair3D

      public AssociatedPair3D(Point3D_F64 p1, Point3D_F64 p2, boolean newInstance)
      Allows features to either be copied or saved as references.
      p1 - image 1 location
      p2 - image 2 location
      newInstance - Should it create new points or save a reference to these instances.
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