Class ColorizeMultiViewStereoResults<T extends ImageBase<T>>


public class ColorizeMultiViewStereoResults<T extends ImageBase<T>> extends Object
Helper class which handles all the data structure manipulations for extracting RGB color values from a point cloud computed by MultiViewStereoFromKnownSceneStructure. Color information is extracted only using the first view a point was seen inside of.
  • Constructor Details

    • ColorizeMultiViewStereoResults

      public ColorizeMultiViewStereoResults(LookUpColorRgb<T> colorLookup, LookUpImages lookupImages)
      Specifies configurations
      colorLookup - Convert pixels into RGB color
      lookupImages - Load images given a string iD
  • Method Details

    • processMvsCloud

      public void processMvsCloud(SceneStructureMetric scene, @Nullable @Nullable SceneObservations observations, MultiViewStereoFromKnownSceneStructure<?> mvs, BoofLambdas.IndexRgbConsumer indexColor)
      Extracts color information for the point cloud on a view by view basis.
      scene - (Input) Geometric description of the scene
      observations - (Input) Observations of the camera state
      mvs - (Input) Contains the 3D point cloud
      indexColor - (Output) RGB values are passed through to this function.
    • processScenePoints

      public void processScenePoints(SceneStructureMetric scene, @Nullable @Nullable SceneObservations observations, BoofLambdas.IndexToString indexToId, BoofLambdas.IndexRgbConsumer indexColor)
      Looks up the colors for all the points in the scene by reprojecting them back onto their original images.
      scene - (Input) Scene's structure
      observations - (Input) Observations of the camera state. Null if fixed focus.
      indexToId - (Input) Convert view index to view ID
      indexColor - (Output) RGB values are passed through to this function.