Class ThreeViewEstimateMetricScene

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ThreeViewEstimateMetricScene
extends Object
implements VerbosePrint
Estimates the metric scene's structure given a set of sparse features associations from three views. This is intended to give the best possible solution from the sparse set of matching features. Its internal methods are updated as better strategies are found. Assumptions:
  • Principle point is zero
  • Zero skew
  • fx = fy approximately
The zero principle point is enforced prior to calling process(java.util.List<boofcv.struct.geo.AssociatedTriple>, int, int) by subtracting the image center from each pixel observations. Steps:
  1. Fit Trifocal tensor using RANSAC
  2. Get and refine camera matrices
  3. Compute dual absolute quadratic
  4. Estimate intrinsic parameters from DAC
  5. Estimate metric scene structure
  6. Sparse bundle adjustment
  7. Tweak parameters and sparse bundle adjustment again