Class MetricSpawnSceneFromView

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public class MetricSpawnSceneFromView extends Object implements VerbosePrint
Given a view and set of views connected to it, attempt to create a new metric scene. First a projective scene is found. From this projective scene and metric one is created. Then bundle adjustment is used to refine the metric scene. Features are then sanity checked to see if the pass basic physical constraints, see MetricSanityChecks. If too many fail then the reconstruction is aborted. Otherwise, all the failing features are removed and assumed to be outliers and bundle adjustment is run again. If there are no more bad features it's considered to be a successful reconstruction.
  • Field Details

    • fractionBadFeaturesRecover

      public double fractionBadFeaturesRecover
      If less than this number of features fail the physical constraint test, attempt to recover by removing them
    • utils

      protected PairwiseGraphUtils utils
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    • process

      public boolean process(LookUpSimilarImages dbSimilar, LookUpCameraInfo dbCams, PairwiseImageGraph pairwise, PairwiseImageGraph.View seed, DogArray_I32 motions)
      Computes the metric scene given the seed and related views
      dbSimilar - Image data base to retieve feature and shape info
      pairwise - Pairwise graph
      seed - The view which will be the origin of the metric scene
      motions - edges in seed that were used to generate the score
      true if successful or false if it failed
    • setVerbose

      public void setVerbose(@Nullable @Nullable PrintStream out, @Nullable @Nullable Set<String> configuration)
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      setVerbose in interface VerbosePrint