Class ConfigBundleUtils

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigBundleUtils extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for MetricBundleAdjustmentUtils
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  • Field Details

    • converge

      public final ConfigConverge converge
      Configures convergence criteria for SBA
    • scale

      public boolean scale
      Toggles on and off scaling parameters
    • homogenous

      public boolean homogenous
      Should it use homogenous coordinates for points or 3D Cartesian?
    • keepFraction

      public double keepFraction
      Optional second pass where outliers observations. Fraction specifies that the best X fraction are kept.
    • triangulation

      public final ConfigTriangulation triangulation
      Specifies which triangulation approach to use
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigBundleUtils

      public ConfigBundleUtils()
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