Class ConfigStereoDualTrackPnP

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigStereoDualTrackPnP extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for VisOdomDualTrackPnP
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  • Field Details

    • scene

      public ConfigVisOdomTrackPnP scene
      Configuration for building and optimizing a local scene
    • tracker

      public ConfigPointTracker tracker
      Used to track features in each camera independently
    • stereoDescribe

      public ConfigDescribeRegion stereoDescribe
      Feature descriptor for stereo association
    • stereoRadius

      public double stereoRadius
      Radius used when computing feature descriptors for stereo matching
    • epipolarTol

      public double epipolarTol
      Tolerance for matching stereo features along epipolar line in Pixels
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigStereoDualTrackPnP

      public ConfigStereoDualTrackPnP()
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