Class ConfigVisOdomTrackPnP

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigVisOdomTrackPnP extends Object implements Configuration
Base class for visual odometry algorithms based on PointTracker.
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  • Field Details

    • bundle

      public ConfigBundleAdjustment bundle
      Configuration for Bundle Adjustment
    • bundleConverge

      public ConfigConverge bundleConverge
      Convergence criteria for bundle adjustment. Set max iterations to ≤ 0 to disable
    • bundleMaxFeaturesPerFrame

      public int bundleMaxFeaturesPerFrame
      Maximum number of features optimized in bundle adjustment per key frame. This is a very good way to limit the amount of CPU used. If not positive then unlimited. ≤ 0 to disable.
    • bundleMinObservations

      public int bundleMinObservations
      Minimum number of observations a track must have before it is included in bundle adjustment. Has to be ≥ 2 and it's strongly recommended that this is set to 3 or higher. Due to ambiguity along epipolar lines there can be lots of false positives with just two views. With three views there is a unique solution and that tends to remove most false positives.
    • dropOutlierTracks

      public int dropOutlierTracks
      Drop tracks if they have been outliers for this many frames in a row
    • maxKeyFrames

      public int maxKeyFrames
      Maximum number of key frames it will save. Must be at least 4
    • ransac

      public ConfigRansac ransac
      Configuration for RANSAC. Used to robustly estimate frame-to-frame motion
    • refineIterations

      public int refineIterations
      Number of iterations to perform when refining the initial frame-to-frame motion estimate. Disable ≤ 0
    • pnp

      public EnumPNP pnp
      Which PNP solution to use
    • keyframes

      public ConfigKeyFrameManager keyframes
      Specifies when a new key frame is created
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigVisOdomTrackPnP

      public ConfigVisOdomTrackPnP()
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