Class ConfigSparseToDenseCloud

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigSparseToDenseCloud extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for SparseSceneToDenseCloud
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  • Field Details

    • disparity

      public final ConfigDisparity disparity
      Specifies which stereo disparity and how to configure
    • smoother

      public final ConfigSpeckleFilter smoother
      Specifies which disparity smoothing approach to use
    • graph

      public final ConfigGenerateStereoGraph graph
      Specifies how to create the stereo graph
    • mvs

      public final ConfigMultiviewStereo mvs
      Specifies how multiple stereo views are combined into a single stereo view
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSparseToDenseCloud

      public ConfigSparseToDenseCloud()
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