Class TrifocalTensor


public class TrifocalTensor extends Object
The trifocal tensor describes the projective relationship between three different camera views and is analogous to the Fundamental matrix for two views. The trifocal tensor is composed of three matrices which are 3x3.
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    • TrifocalTensor

      public TrifocalTensor()
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    • getT

      public DMatrixRMaj getT(int index)
    • setTo

      public void setTo(TrifocalTensor a)
    • zero

      public void zero()
    • convertFrom

      public void convertFrom(DMatrixRMaj m)

      Converts the 27 element vector into a three matrix format:
      T_i(j,k) =[ i*9 + j*3 + k ]

      m - Input: Trifocal tensor encoded in a vector
    • convertTo

      public void convertTo(DMatrixRMaj m)

      Converts this matrix formated trifocal into a 27 element vector:[ i*9 + j*3 + k ] = T_i(j,k)

      m - Output: Trifocal tensor encoded in a vector
    • copy

      public TrifocalTensor copy()
      Returns a new copy of the TrifocalTensor
      Copy of the trifocal tensor
    • normalizeScale

      public void normalizeScale()
      The scale of the trifocal tensor is arbitrary. However there are situations when comparing results that using a consistent scale is useful. This function normalizes the sensor such that its Euclidean length (the f-norm) is equal to one.
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      public String toString()
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      public void print()