Class VertexMesh


public class VertexMesh extends Object
Specifies a 3D mesh. BigArray types are used since a 3D mesh can have a very large number of points in it.
  • Field Details

    • vertexes

      public final PackedBigArrayPoint3D_F64 vertexes
      3D location of each vertex
    • indexes

      public final DogArray_I32 indexes
      Which indexes correspond to each vertex in a shape
    • offsets

      public final DogArray_I32 offsets
      Start index of each shape + the last index
  • Constructor Details

    • VertexMesh

      public VertexMesh()
  • Method Details

    • size

      public int size()
      Returns number of shapes / polygons in the mesh
    • getShapeVertex

      public Point3D_F64 getShapeVertex(int which, @Nullable @Nullable Point3D_F64 output)
      Copies the shape vertex into the point.
    • getShape

      public void getShape(int which, DogArray<Point3D_F64> output)
      Copies the entire shape into the output array
      which - Which shape to copy
      output - Output storage for the shape
    • addShape

      public void addShape(List<Point3D_F64> shape)
      Adds a new shape with the specified vertexes.
    • setTo

      public VertexMesh setTo(VertexMesh src)
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • toAccess

      public MeshPolygonAccess toAccess()
      Wraps the data structure inside MeshPolygonAccess.