Class DetectDescribeAssociateTracker<I extends ImageGray<I>,TD extends TupleDesc<TD>>


public class DetectDescribeAssociateTracker<I extends ImageGray<I>,TD extends TupleDesc<TD>> extends Object

Base class for detect-describe-associate type trackers. Tracker works by detecting features in each image, computing a descriptor for each feature, then associating the features together.

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • DetectDescribeAssociateTracker

      public DetectDescribeAssociateTracker(DetectDescribePoint<I,TD> detector, AssociateDescription2D<TD> associate, ConfigTrackerDda config)
      Configures tracker
      associate - Association
      config - Configures behavior.
    • DetectDescribeAssociateTracker

      protected DetectDescribeAssociateTracker()
  • Method Details

    • createNewTrack

      protected PointTrack createNewTrack()
      Creates a new track and sets the descriptor
    • resetTrack

      protected void resetTrack(PointTrack t)
      Resets the track but saves the descriptor reference
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Discards all tracking history
    • process

      public void process(I input)
      Detect features and associate with existing tracks
    • performTracking

      protected void performTracking()
      Associate detections to tracks
    • spawnTracks

      public void spawnTracks()
      Takes the current crop of detected features and makes them the keyframe
    • addNewTrack

      protected void addNewTrack(int set, double x, double y, TD desc)
      Adds a new track given its location and description
    • dropAllTracks

      public void dropAllTracks()
      Drops all tracks
    • dropTrack

      public boolean dropTrack(PointTrack track)
      Remove from active list and mark so that it is dropped in the next cycle
      track - The track which is to be dropped
    • dropTracks

      public void dropTracks(PointTracker.Dropper dropper)
    • getImageType

      public ImageType<I> getImageType()