Class PyramidKltForHybrid<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>>


public class PyramidKltForHybrid<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>> extends Object
Pyramidal KLT tracker designed for HybridTrackerScalePoint.
  • Field Details

    • config

      public ConfigKlt config
      configuration for low level KLT tracker
    • featureRadius

      public int featureRadius
      The radius of each feature. 3 is a reasonable number.
    • numLevels

      protected int numLevels
    • tracker

      protected PyramidKltTracker<I extends ImageGray<I>,D extends ImageGray<D>> tracker
  • Constructor Details

    • PyramidKltForHybrid

      public PyramidKltForHybrid(ConfigKlt config, int featureRadius, Class<I> inputType, Class<D> derivType)
    • PyramidKltForHybrid

      protected PyramidKltForHybrid()
  • Method Details

    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(float x, float y, PyramidKltFeature ret)
    • setInputs

      public void setInputs(ImagePyramid<I> image, D[] derivX, D[] derivY)
    • performTracking

      public boolean performTracking(PyramidKltFeature feature)
      Updates the track using the latest inputs. If tracking fails then the feature description in each layer is unchanged and its global position.
      feature - Feature being updated
      true if tracking was successful, false otherwise
    • createNewTrack

      public PyramidKltFeature createNewTrack()