Class ConfigMicroQrCode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigMicroQrCode extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for MicroQrCodePreciseDetector
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  • Field Details

    • threshold

      public ConfigThreshold threshold
      Specifies how images are thresholded and converted into a binary format
    • polygon

      public ConfigPolygonDetector polygon
      Configuration for polygon detector that's used to find position patterns
    • forceEncoding

      @Nullable public @Nullable String forceEncoding
      If not null, then when decoding BYTE mode data it will always use this encoding. This can be desirable if the automatic encoding detection is making a mistake or if you know the data is binary. For binary data you should set this to EciEncoding.BINARY.
    • defaultEncoding

      public String defaultEncoding
      Fore BYTE mode, if the auto encoding detection decides it's not UTF-8 then it will use this encoding. Depending on which QR code standard you are following (few people follow either) it should be EciEncoding.ISO8859_1 or EciEncoding.JIS.
    • considerTransposed

      public boolean considerTransposed
      If true it will consider QR codes which have been incorrectly encoded with transposed bits. Set to false if you know your markers are standard compliant and want a modest speed boost.
    • ignorePaddingBytes

      public boolean ignorePaddingBytes
      This turns off the check to ensure padding bytes have the expected pattern. This was added due to a bug in a popular encoder where for messages of a certain length it would be off by one. Since no data is encoded in the padding and bugs are so common in encoders, by default we will ignore the padding.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigMicroQrCode

      public ConfigMicroQrCode()
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