Class SceneStructureProjective

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public class SceneStructureProjective extends SceneStructureCommon
Specifies a scene in an arbitrary projective geometry for Bundle Adjustment. Each view is specified using a 3x4 projective camera matrix. Points for the scene can be 3D or 4D homogenous coordinates.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SceneStructureProjective

      public SceneStructureProjective(boolean homogenous)
      Configure bundle adjustment
      homogenous - if true then homogeneous coordinates are used
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize(int totalViews, int totalPoints)
      Initialization with the assumption that a BundleCameraProjective is used for all views.
      totalViews - Number of views
      totalPoints - Number of points
    • initialize

      public void initialize(int totalCameras, int totalViews, int totalPoints)
      Call this function first. Specifies number of each type of data which is available.
      totalCameras - Number of camera models
      totalViews - Number of views
      totalPoints - Number of points
    • setView

      public void setView(int which, boolean fixed, DMatrixRMaj worldToView, int width, int height)
      Specifies the spacial transform for a view.
      which - Which view is being specified/
      fixed - If these parameters are fixed or not
      worldToView - The 3x4 projective camera matrix that converts a point in world to view pixels
      width - Image's width
      height - Image's height
    • connectViewToCamera

      public void connectViewToCamera(int viewIndex, int cameraIndex)
      Specifies that the view uses the specified camera
      viewIndex - index of view
      cameraIndex - index of camera
    • getUnknownViewCount

      public int getUnknownViewCount()
      Returns the number of view with parameters that are not fixed
      non-fixed view count
    • getParameterCount

      public int getParameterCount()
      Returns the total number of parameters which will be optimised
      number of parameters
    • getViews