Package boofcv.alg.geo.trifocal

package boofcv.alg.geo.trifocal
  • Classes
    Applies geometric constraints to an estimated trifocal tensor.
    Improves the estimated camera projection matrices for three views, with the first view assumed to be P1 = [I|0].
    Give a three views with the pose known up to a scale ambiguity for the three views, resolve the scale ambiguity.
    Initially computes the trifocal tensor using the linear method TrifocalLinearPoint7, but then iteratively refines the solution to minimize algebraic error by adjusting the two epipoles.
    Extracts the epipoles, camera matrices, and fundamental matrices for views 2 and 3 with respect to view 1 from the trifocal tensor.
    Estimates the TrifocalTensor using a linear algorithm from 7 or more image points correspondences from three views, see page 394 of [1] for details.
    Given a trifocal tensor and a feature observed in two of the views, predict where it will appear in the third view.